Started his career with SCI as a cadet in September 1974. Rose to be a Master in the year 1987. Involved in Tanker Safety, Chemical Tanker Safety courses in MTI Powai. From 1989 to 1994 sailed with Barber Ship Management and Denclav Ship Management. Had Tenure with Government of Gujarat for 12 years in Various capacities of Chief Nautical Officer, Traffic Manager, General Manager (Business development Gujrat), General Manager(GPIDCL), Incharge of Alang ship recycling yard and Incharge of vibrant Gujrat summit from 2005 to 2009 and Government of Maharashtra for 2 years. Was Advisor to M/S Ambuja Cement Head Office Mumbai for Logistics. With IMF since March 2019

Focus Sectors for IMF Secretariat

RPSL Members Companies
  • Impact policy making
  • Impact Identify, resolve and dissolve issues
  • Preparation for RPS audit
  • RPS renewal and annual preparation
  • Training sensitization

  • Vetting application for approvals
  • Follow up and acceleration DGS approvals
  • Preparation for CIP
  • Auditing learning system

Medical Examiners
  • Awareness program for medical examiners
  • medical support for on board medical caretakers like master/ chief officer and 2nd officers

  • Seafarers awareness program on etiquette and safe shipboard practices
  • sensitizing then on the effect of joining Non-RPS companies
  • Career counseling and supporting the choice of METs
  • Monitoring shipboard performance as a CTO